Heartland Befriending is all about my love for those at the later stages of their lives – I have always enjoyed hearing about their lives and loves.  Starting in February 2014 when a friend asked me to befriend her mother who was living with the effects of a stroke, I discovered that everyday things, done together, gave us both a feeling of wellbeing and pleasure.

We enjoyed watching ‘Homes Under the Hammer’, eating coffee and cake, going on outings, laughing at getting lost one day in Perth Royal Infirmary’s ‘long corridor’ (ask me about that one!)  – anything during the course of a day that meant that this wonderful lady still felt valued and of worth.

Seven years on and I can say that my passion for helping older people live life to the full in their own home, and still an important part of their community, has grown and grown. Maintaining someone’s independence so that they can remain at home and enjoy their life is so important for them and their family and friends.


Gillian and AnneIt is hard to describe what befriending actually is!  But it is always focused on my client’s own individual circumstances and preferences, because independence and wellbeing for someone can be as varied as assistance with everyday tasks such as watching their favourite TV programme, cooking and shopping, helping to alleviate social isolation by going to a community group; or ensuring those extra personal needs are met – like organising a visit to the hairdresser, helping someone get to a clinic appointment, or collecting a prescription.  Anything in a day which will help my client feel that they still matter.

On the Befriending page you will find further details of what I can offer, whether you are needing help for yourself or if you are looking on behalf of an elderly loved-one.


What do you love about living in our rural community?  Or, what drives you nuts!  We all make a contribution for good or ill, small or large just by being here.

Please do think about making a contribution to your community no matter how small it seems.  You may feel that you just don’t have the time at the moment to get too involved – that’s okay – we all have seasons in our lives when there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  But you might be able to keep an eye out for one of your neighbours who needs a bit of help putting out the bins – it all counts and makes a difference to someone else’s day.

Welcome-All Soup Lunch, Atholl Centre, Pitlochry

Some Small Print

I am based in Scone and am privileged to work in beautiful Highland Perthshire. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any requirement you might have.